Skirts 'n' Flirts


In the late 1960's, square dance clubs in the Modesto area were all considered "married clubs", where club members had regular partners.  Single square dancers, by-and-large, were considered a threat to marital stability and therefore, generally shunned by these clubs. At that time, there were other singles square dance clubs in the San Joaquin Valley, but they were too far from the Modesto area to visit on a regular, weekly basis.  So, in November and December of 1968, a number of single square dancers formed the Single Skirt's 'N' Flirts square dance club with membership open only to single people.

As time went on, some of the club members married and this created a dilemma: they wished to remain with the club but were no longer single.  Creating "Associate Membership" for the married people within the club solved the problem.  However, they were excluded from most of the club's business operations and married square dancers outside the club were not allowed to join.

By 1998, square dancing nationwide had declined to the point where many former clubs, both married and single, no longer existed, and of those that did, were having trouble getting new members and/or keeping old members.  Because of this, some members of the Single Skirts 'N' Flirts felt that the club should become a married club or, at least, a singles/couples club.

On the other hand, also at that time, 1998, the Single Skirts 'N' Flirts held a unique position in the San Joaquin Valley.  It was the only Singles Square Dance Club remaining between Sacramento and Bakersfield and some of the members did not wish to see the club lose its identity or its uniqueness.  The bylaws were then revised, which offered a compromise as a singles/couples club, allowing married members, yet retaining its singles club uniqueness, which it continues to this day.

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